Our Beginnings

“Go on, then” they said, “if you really think clients are being sold short: do something about it.”

Time after time, year after year, clients pay good money for finely crafted brands that just won’t work in the real world. Then, to pile on the agony, communications agencies rehash things to fit their agenda, leaving everyone else scratching their heads.

As a bunch of straight talkers, big thinkers and doers, we decided things have to change.

We created Keel, a single creative environment where ego-free experts from brand, marketing communications and content, collaborate to create inspirational brands. They’re built with the user in mind, using compelling content that delivers a healthy dose of creativity and a measure of practicality in one fell swoop.


"The name 'Keel' - It says something about what we do"

We help people navigate a straight, steady course – just like the keel of a ship. We keep brands heading in the right direction, laser-focused on reaching their destination.

Are we unique? Maybe not. But we don’t know of many other agencies in our space who operate with the rigour, confidence and playfulness we do. 

Are we good? We like to think so. And our long-term relationships with clients who want the best thinking and creative confirms it.


Our Services


  • Brand strategy
  • Purpose and positioning
  • Character and values
  • Visual identity
  • Tone of voice guidelines
  • Employer brand development
  • Brand guardianship, consultancy and guidelines
  • Or just a brain to bounce some big ideas off


  • Content strategy
  • 360° content campaigns
  • Messaging frameworks
  • Content calendars and ecosystem planning
  • Content campaign development
  • Social and editorial content execution
  • Employee experience content and internal content campaigns
  • Content training, guidelines and workshops

Our Culture

Keel people aren’t like everyday people.

We’re dreamers with purpose. We’re big idea people hungry to make vision reality. Because to us, ‘practicality’ isn’t a dirty word.

Each of us just wants to make the absolute best work they can and have a damn great time in the process.

It doesn’t just show up in the quality of what we produce, but the quality of the time spent between Monday morning stand-up and Friday night drinks.

Sound fun? Reckon you could be the next piece in the jigsaw? Then enquire about our active roles here: info@keel-london.com