Who we are and

how we prove it

We’re called Keel for a reason

We help our clients navigate a straight and steady course – just like the keel of a ship. We keep brands heading in the right direction, laser-focused on reaching their destination.

A bunch of straight talkers, big thinkers, and doers

We may have come from, or run, some of the best branding agencies and content creation agencies in town, and we’re all experts in our field, but big experience doesn’t mean big overheads or big egos. 

Expect straight talking and smart thinking. Creative solutions to complex issues, and hard-working executions, designed to deliver maximum bang for your buck. 


We’re big idea people, hungry to make vision reality. Whether we’re brand strategists or content strategists, we don’t waste time on the unnecessary process and bureaucracy that weigh down the big agencies. 

Once we’re clear on the basics, we get out and about, stress-testing our work in the real world. To us, ‘practicality’ isn’t a dirty word.

Brand and content walk hand in hand

Building brands is not linear. If anything, it’s circular. It’s symbiotic. It’s ongoing. 

With our hybrid set-up, we are able to treat brand and content as one entity – an entity that evolves on a continuous feedback loop.

We’re always listening, always learning, and always making it better. We never just do the work and close the book (though we are actually writing a book).  

Our team are experts in brand, communications and content. We can meet the challenges brands are facing today: ensuring clear space from the competition, inspiring a workforce to believe, and tell compelling stories that ensure your content and communications are always rooted in the brand.


Our Services


  • Brand strategy
  • Purpose and positioning
  • Character and values
  • Visual identity
  • Tone of voice
  • Employer brand
  • Brand guardianship and consultancy
  • Or just some brains to bounce big ideas off


  • Content strategy
  • 360° creative campaigns
  • Messaging frameworks
  • Content calendars
  • Ecosystem planning
  • Social and editorial content execution
  • Employee experience content
  • Content training, guidelines and workshops

How we work

We work as a mutli-disciplinary team from the get-go.  Always looking at the full picture of the brand development process.

We bring in creatives early on to ensure there’s a big idea baked into the work from the very beginning. The same idea that comes to life for consumers and employees at the other end.

We share challenges, ask brave questions, and cross-pollinate ideas across disciplines – ours and yours.

Read more about our process here. (It’s more interesting than it sounds.)