Create + Connect: Doddle – Part two

In conversation with Tim Robinson, CEO of Doddle Welcome to the third in our series of short films talking to businesses and people who are evolving their brand and content to create deeper connections with their audience to drive unique commercial advantage. Tim Robinson, CEO of Doddle, discusses what going forward as a B2B brand […]

Why a strong brand is important for the future of b2b organisations

Welcome to the Keel insights B2B organisations, particularly those in highly complex or specialist industries, are facing a turning point. Whether they are ready for it or not, a shift is coming in the way that these businesses shape their messages; communicate with their customers and purchase decision-makers; and add value and reassurance across their […]

How to build passion into your brand for increased customer loyalty

Welcome to the Keel insights There’s nothing more powerful for driving customer loyalty than being able to identify and nurture a shared passion with your audience. Speaking directly to that passion and forming a brand that resonates won’t just attract customers ­– it will create fans. And more increasingly, businesses are realising the true potential of […]

How to instil and convey genuine brand purpose

Today, eight in 10 global consumers say purpose is at least as important to them as Customer Experience. And more than half of Gen Y and Z consumers, compared to 37% of other consumers, say they have shifted a portion of their spend away from their current service provider when a company disappointed them due to its words […]

Why your branding is key to post-pandemic success

There’s never been a more crucial time for businesses to get their branding right. With rapidly evolving consumer behaviour across multiple sectors, we have seen major upheaval throughout industries resulting in both serious challenges and exciting opportunities. It may seem obvious, but branding is so much more than just your logo or strapline, it helps […]

What are you taking into 2021?

As the Keel Beauty Pop-up comes to a close, we’re focusing on what we know best, helping business find ways to navigate through change. Helping businesses stay true to their core values and purpose through uncertainty. This time of year – especially this year – feels like the ideal time for a clearout. Time to […]

If you’ve got style, do you still need strategy?

When so much of the conversation in the beauty, wellbeing and fashion sector is driven by shifting trends and changing tastes you could feel like your content plans write themselves. What does it matter what your carefully laid strategy might say when the data says searches for ‘glitter lips’ or ‘collagen supplements’ are up 300 […]

How does that sound?

For a while now, it’s felt like the marketing question on everyone’s lips has been “What do you stand for?” – the big questions of brand purpose, mission and values were bang on trend. While we would argue that these are essential elements for a contemporary brand, particularly those in competitive retail sectors, we’d make […]

Building (digital) brand moments

Psychologists would have us believe that the ‘events’ of 2020 so far have turned us into more cautious consumers, in addition to us being unable or unwilling to return to the Beauty Halls and their brightly lit counters. In fact, a recent study of 8000 shoppers found that 39% have bought new brands during the […]

Putting the spark back into your consumer connection

Anyone who has spent any time in the beauty industry, or fashion retail for that matter, will know that it’s full of contradictions. In the same month, we are overrun with headlines and hot takes on the rise of natural beauty and no-make-up-make-up, HD beauty products continue to fly off the shelves. New brands emerge […]