We are Keel, a London-based, independent brand and engagement agency. As experts in brand identity and the communications that bring brands to life, we grow conviction brands fast.

What’s a conviction brand? One that has real certainty in two things: who they are and how they prove it.


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We use brand strategy to identify a brand’s conviction, creativity to express that conviction, and branded content to prove that conviction, across channels and markets.
Our clients span the globe. Whether they’re challengers or market leaders, they’re ambitious for their brand and themselves. They want an agency that nails it – that knows who they are, and proves it, time and time again.

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Because your brand needs to work in the real world. Too many agencies design brands that look great on paper, but don’t translate into content, comms and engagement strategies. We build this in from the outset, ensuring that your brand is fit for purpose – connecting with your audience and telling a compelling story all at the same time.

Branding is the way people perceive your business. This is usually built over time from repeated exposure to your brand. Your audience forms an emotional connection to your brand, so having a consistent brand identity that communicates who you are effectively is an important and powerful tool. If you need more proof, it’s shown that companies that master design principles generate 32% higher revenue growth than their average peers.

A good brand strategy precedes any brand design, as it gives your brand purpose and direction. Your brand strategy ensures that your tone of voice, brand values and brand design are all in alignment so that you can generate trust and confidence in your audience.

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