Since 1984, Nismo has been the official in-house racing arm of Nissan. Started by a group of maverick Nissan engineers more than 30 years ago, Nismo is synonymous with passion, expertise, and the heights of Nissan performance – not to mention decades of racing dominance. A well-kept secret among car geeks, Nismo is responsible for some of the world’s most eye-popping street-ready sports cars, including the awesome GT-R Supercar (descendant of the Skyline GT-R of Fast & Furious fame).

Nissan gave Keel an open brief to propose ways of taking the Nismo brand forward and giving it a more meaningful role within its portfolio of brands. This was a ‘concept car of a project – a fascinating exploration of a world with devoted fans, a rich potential for digital engagement, and a massive focus on ‘experiences’.




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