Where we started

Lean and Green didn’t know its place in the food market. Was it a café? A health bar? Or a restaurant? Its brand message, that all food was prepared on site, and was lean, healthy and steamed, wasn’t being heard. Their visual identity wasn’t bold enough to match the high energy food they were selling.

The Journey

Figuring out who Lean and Green was and knowing who was buying their food was key to building their brand. Gym goers and local businesspeople wanting a quick, healthy lunch were their target demographic and the brand needed to reflect that. It was a bright, active, cool, fun and fresh organic health bar.

We developed a bold colour palette that could be combined with two new logos; an updated version of Lean and Green’s previous design that matched the new look and feel.

Food photography was paired back, letting the food and ingredients be the hero; while new leaflets and pamphlets were designed to promote in store offers.

We redesigned their website, implementing the new colour palette and photography throughout. Simplifying the previous design, we created a new menu layout that was easy to read and a lot less cluttered, enticing users to order online or visit in store.

Click to visit the Lean and Green website


The website is up and running, allowing users to easily order online and find out more about Lean and Green’s mission. The new branding has been instigated throughout the Lean and Green Organic Health Bars, including their third store which is opening soon.