The global economy doesn’t have one beauty industry – it has dozens. Cultural nuance, regional tastes and political attitudes mean a brand that’s progressive in one market can seem dated in another.


How can a campaign for one of the world’s biggest hair brands be inclusive for a London audience, while also appealing to shoppers in rural Russia? By tapping into styling concerns that are inclusive no matter who or where you are. They grasp that buying in to beauty is an investment in itself. That the beauty consumer is not a problem to be solved, but an individual to be celebrated.

“Beauty consumers, particularly women, are sick of being told what’s wrong with them. Keel puts the pleasure back in to buying beauty. By understanding the real-world concerns of the target market, shot through with inspiration that makes beauty fun again, we make buying beauty a real treat – whether it’s a premium serum or a bottle of hairspray.”Tory Frost
Head of Content at Keel

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