Where we started

StarNews - Africa’s fastest-growing mobile content platform - needed to rehaul its brand experience to match pace with its expansion in new and growing markets, and showcase working with Africa’s hottest stars and content creators.

The Journey

Keel worked with StarNews teams across 4 continents (& 10 time zones!) to create a brand positioning and mission, introduced dynamic logos, a vibrant new color palette, and a refreshed tone of voice that will enable the StarNews team to take the brand to new markets, guiding creators and users effectively through every touchpoint.


The rebrand solidifies StarNews’ love of amazing, diverse content at the forefront and is focused on their mission to bring incredible local and global content creators closers to their fans. In the midst of the Covid-19 global pandemic, their user rate was growing at a rate of 23% per quarter with revenues surpassing 10% each month. With their new look and tone, StarNews has now surpassed 5 Million subscribers in Africa and has set its sights on reaching over 10 Million by the end of 2021.