Creating a leading b2b brand for Güntner

Where we started

Güntner is a leader in the field of heat exchange and energy technology. However, after years of growth, innovation and success, their brand had begun to fade and they had found themselves lost in the middle of a dense category, with no clear way to demonstrate their superiority, vision and scale. We began work with them to create a brand that could truly live up to their role as leaders.

The journey

Like many large-scale, complex B2B categories, growth and sales in heat exchange technology have historically been driven by an active salesforce. Across the sector, we saw a lack of focus on brand value and distinctiveness – giving us a brilliant opportunity to build a differentiating brand for Güntner, based on the core truths of their business.

Through stakeholder workshops, we were able to bring together representatives from the leadership team; regional sales directors; and product and innovation teams to get a deep understanding of the value Güntner brings to their customers and the wider sector.

The story became clear. This is a business of scale and vision. Piecing together the anecdotes and the evidence, we created a brand positioning; value proposition; refreshed company values; and bold tone of voice that at once captured their spirit and elevated it to a place that was ready to stand out in the category.

The next step was to ensure the brand identity mirrored the confidence and modernity of the positioning. The new Güntner identity brings light and freshness to a category that is predominantly dark and masculine. We developed a new graphic device – the rays –and gradient style to create movement and forward motion in the brand, building on the proactive, visionary nature of the business.

The photography style is premium, considered and brings quality to communications – providing depth. A bold, distinctive treatment for hero imagery gives a new dimension to visual storytelling and understanding of the role Güntner plays across the world in diverse ways. The foundation has been set with the creation of an image library, comprised of found imagery and a brand shoot held in their flagship factory in Romania.

Where we are now

The new Güntner brand has been launched internally, including an employee brand book, which brings together the new brand, values and vision in an accessible, beautiful format.

The external launch has also taken place in all markets, led by a series of proposition-level ads in sector press, social and digital. This marks the business’ first step into purpose-driven, brand awareness activity.

Our relationship with Güntner continues, supporting them in content strategy, campaign development and brand guardianship, as they take their business and leadership position to the next level.