Where we started

When we met Kiddylicious they were fighting to stand out in a very crowded marketplace. After succeeding in a competitive pitch (during lockdown!), we were tasked with creating a new brand purpose and manifesto and most importantly an always-on social content programme to bring it to life and build brand awareness with parents across the UK.

The Journey

Finding a way for Kiddylicious to cut through the clutter of parenting content out there meant creating a more authentic voice and role for them beyond product.

We built the brand manifesto on a simple but powerful insight that early years nutrition, weaning and mealtimes are full of curveballs, but they don’t have to be catastrophes. We wanted parents to feel brighter, more confident and reassured that they’re not alone, so our new brand purpose became: “There for you for every different day.”

From there we developed a rich, multi-format content strategy for the Kiddylicious organic social ecosystem, bringing together a panel of highly qualified experts covering nutrition, development, health and child psychology (unlike our competitors who all stuck to a single nutritionist to talk product); light-hearted IYKYK posts; new premium, but relatable social lifestyle imagery; and rock-solid need-to-know nutrition and weaning support.

We overhauled the Kiddylicious website, Instagram and Facebook feeds, and soon the organic posts were performing so well and captured the new brand so totally that we were asked to transform the paid media assets to fit in with our new content direction and tone of voice.

To achieve the new distinctive content direction and importantly move Kiddylicious to a “grown-up to grown-up conversation”, we used this content programme to evolve the brand look and feel – moving to a more organic set of colours, typography and graphics.


As Kiddylicious’ new lead agency – leading all creative direction, consulting on media and PR, and guiding digital build and strategy – by working fast and gaining the trust of our client quickly with our deep understanding of what they needed to achieve, we were able to shoot six months’ worth of new stills and video; establish a new content calendar and totally transform the Kiddylicious ecosystem in just under a month.