We do brand + content.

Together, the Keel team has years of experience working with businesses across all sectors. Global and local, product and service, B2C and B2B. The one thing our clients have in common is that they want to make their stories come alive for their customers.

We can reinvigorate your brand positioning and visual identity. Analyse your customers’ journeys online. Create and curate new kinds of content. Design digital experiences that engage and delight. Our highly skilled team of brand consultants and strategists make sure your voice gets the kind of attention that generates results.

Brand Design

At Keel we put design at the heart of our content work. We believe that every brand today needs to take a good hard look at how it walks, talks and dresses. We’ve years of experience of helping clients do just that.

From brand design reviews to brand toolkitstone of voice guidelines and employee engagement programmes. From printpackaging and point of sale. You need to get your brand in shape and shared consistently and effectively across multiple platforms in the real world. We’ll help you map it, plan it and make it. At Keel, design isn’t a way of looking. It’s a way of thinking.

Strategic content

With our track record in brand strategy, ad campaigns and journalism, the Keel team can make sure your brand lives its story at every touch point. In a world of more and more content, our strategic, creative and editorial brains will help you stand out by doing the right kind of less.

Content audits, customer journey mapping and planning. Content creation, writing and editing. Digital campaign development, planning and media buying. Whatever it takes to reach the right audience, on the right platforms, with a story that lives, breathes and excites.

Digital Experiences

How a brand behaves and feels online today is as important as what it says. Maybe more. At Keel we design and deliver digital experiences that captivate audiences and make a real-world difference.

From experience audits to audience and platform planning. From user experience design to interactive wire-framing. From service ecosystem design to cross-platform online experiences. We have specialists in digital product architecture, UX and design to create digital products that put audiences at the heart of the action.

We then bring in the right technology partners to deliver anything from a simple responsive website to a full-blown digital service offering, managing the whole process so you don’t have to.